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Lande 19’’ NETbox Wall Mounting Cabinets W600xD600 Free Standing Purpose

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Main Profile- Framework- Top/Bottom Cases, ABS Fan Housing: Multi Folded Automated Bending technology applied corner profile system, provides a heavy duty structure results to high load capacity of: 80 kgs on wall. Monoblock multi folded top and bottom cases 20 times bended resulted to a very heavy construction, tightly fixed to the framework with fixing hardware , fully modular system generated. Top case has a ready Forced Ventilation (Fan Module) integration ABS housing. Fan Module installation can be operated either from roof or from internal side of cabinet.
NETbox Wall cabinets has an ABS Decorative header unit, where has a placement for the Digital Thermometer with 1 meter cable probe, integrated with 2 lithium battery with 2 year life, measurement once for every minute as accessory to be ordered. NETbox Wall cabinets has sticky colour changing thermometer, range 20 to 40 C; as an accessory. NETbox Wall Cabinets has a decorative ABS header unit. For volume orders or projects, please coordinate with sales department to select any other color application than Anthracite Grey standard offer by Lande. Your company corporate colors are applicable! NETbox Wall Cabinets have mechanically screwed rear panel. The panel can be used as wall fixing pattern on wall. This feature provides cost efficieny at site applications where a heavy enclosure to be fixed to wall. At least 2 technicians needed in standard. Lande NETbox cabinets are applicable with one technician at site only. First the rear panel to be placed on wall for marking purposes, than drilling to be operated, finally the rear panel to be fixed on wall without the main cabinet unit. Finally the cabinet to be hanged over the rear panel. For safety reasons the screwing must be completed. Without screws even cabinet safely should stay on wall. NETbox wall cabinets offers one more advantage for site application, the internal active and passive components can be assembled to cabinet on the workshop. Afterwards wall fixation can be the process follows. Only the connection of the cables and power to be operated. This would be a big advantage for technicians while the Wall cabinet to be assembled to very high placements and locations especially in factory or warehouse conditions, where distribution infrastructure in cabinet to be completed at 4 to 8 meter high Rear Panels are mechanically screwed to main module, which is Multifolded bending technology with 5 fold bending provided the rigidity. Rear Panel can be used for wall fixing and drilling pattern
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SKU LN-WM*U6060-CC-111
Type Wall Mounting
Dimensions W600xD600mm
U Height No
Glass Door Yes
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