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Lande 19’’ NETbox Home Network Wall Mounting Cabinets W600xD150

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NETbox Home series Wall Mounting Networking Enclosures, with 19’’ w:600mm and d:150/300mm physical sizes, with less depth need in environmentally fit especially for residential applications, and 3 different height, gives a wide selection chart for users.
Monoblock U shaped construction provides better stability. The NETbox Home Wall Mounting is for that situation where quick access to the equipment is of primar importance. It is designed to house 19" standard mounting devices. The NETbox Home Wall Mounting cabinet offers a highly cost-effective and assembly-friendly solutions for numeroues applications in the field of network technology and electronics. The NETbox Home Wall Mounting cabinet Front door is integrated with decorative 2,5mm thickness aluminium extruded frames, full length smoked , shatterproof, antistatic, 4,0mm thickness glass with single point locking barrel lock. Aluminium extruded Frame carry an Anthracite Grey PVC stripe charming the attraction in terms of aesthetical appearance. The NETbox Home Wall Mounting cabinet because of the intend of decoratively fitting to environment of your living areas, the cabinet has been integrated with highly modern, art fragrant 0,5mm thickness PVC decoration on top and bottom provision of the glass door. Includings: *Complete with 2ea. 19” equipment mounting rail, with automated silk-screen U numbering, removable in depth *Grounding studs are fixed on to main body and front door frame for grounding continuity, shipping configuration includes the yellow/green Grounding wires with nuts *Reinforced 2,5mm thickness Aluminium extruded housing for glass door with left and right metal frames, lockable, removable Complete with barrel Locking system. *Reversible front door left to right or reverse. *Material thickness:1.2mm. *8-12 micron zinc plated mounting rails t=1,5mm. *Self locking type sturdy structure and rugged, monoblock frame. *Multipurpose usage. Passive Ventilation punched slot holes in front of top and bottom case. Cable access *Multiple cable entry points on top and bottom with 6 knockout holes at 1’’ size and additional micro-joint break down cable entry hole at 452mm size for mass cable entry needs.
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Type Wall Mounting
Dimensions W600xD150mm
U Height No
Glass Door Yes
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