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Lande 19’’ DYNAmic Free Standing Cabinets W800xD600

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Networking Enclosures maximum optimization resulted to an optimum performance in between quality and added value. standard with a glass front door, steel rear door and lift off steel side panels, all of which are lockable.  8 different U heights from 22U through to 47U Multi Folded Automated Bending technology Colors Black And light grey Possible to open the front panel left to right or right to left
Access to enclosure: Front door is integrated with decorative 2,5mm thickness aluminium extruded frames, full length smoked , shatterproof, antistatic, 4,0mm thickness glass with single point locking handled lock. Front door Aluminium extruded frame allows , decorative PVC Stripes charming the attraction, Anthracite Grey for RAL 7035 Light Grey Cabinets and Light Grey for RAL 9005 Black cabinets Front door openning direction is set right to left, but reversible to left to right at site with removing the hinge system. Hinge System is spring loaded easy operating version, which allows you to remove the whole front door from cabinet in seconds. Alternative doors and panels are available for customer selection. Side Panels are lockable and removable with barrel style lock, Multifolded bending technology with 8 fold bending provides the rigidity. Easy mechanical locking of panel to main frame with snap capture sytem allows easy attachment of panels and easy removal in seconds while installation in process. Rear Panels are lockable and removable with barrel style lock, Multifolded bending technology with 8 fold bending provides the rigidity. For best optimized cost conduction to customers, the rear panel designed and created with same mechanical concept and sizes of the side panels. Incase of more mechanical and functional needs as a hinged rear door, there are various design and functionality on the created selection charts, please find them for each product size at related pages. 19’’ rails of Lande DYNAmic Series Free Standing cabinets are with automated silk-screen U numbering, depends on size 1U to 45U, same from top to bottom or bottom to top results to same U height selection. No matter from where you have started counting. 19’’ rails are 4 fold bending surfaces, 1,5mm thickness provides the high load capacities. The 19’’ rails are made of steel with 8-12 micron zinc plating for corrosion resistance. 19’’ rails are adjustable in depth. For easy adjustment purpose, no need to detach the screws, just ease the screws and slide them in the channels on the top/bottom chasis bends. Side Horizontal Support Bar in depth; up to 26U the 19’’ rails are fixed to just top and bottom case. Higher than 26U the cabinets are integrated with 1 set ( left/right) , 1,5mm thickness Z type made of Steel + 8-12 micron zinc plated side horizontal support bar. All design features provide 4 way access to your enclosure and equipments, easy to reach to enclosure and equipments for all infrastucture installations and maintenance needs.
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SKU LN-FS*U8060-CC-111
Type Free Standing
Dimensions W800xD600mm
U Height No
Glass Door Yes
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