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About Us
AB tech is a diversified technology company it takes its turns in markets as a biggest supplier for networking requirements the Active one such as Switches Routers etc... And the Passive one (Copper -Fiber) which include networking equipment like cables till the networking cabinets and communications cabinets that it classified by the highest proficiently in high quality and great performance .
ABTech Company consider as the exclusive dealer (practically) to the important world wide American brands (3com, USRobutics,IBM,HP) Taiwanese brands (Dlink, Infilink) Turkish brands (Hcs, Estap) French brands (3M) German brands( Fujitsu-siemens) and another important brands like (Cisco, Nortel, Lenovo, etc...) .
And as a necessarily for accomplish a proficiently jobs AB tech has been marked by the first company who suppliers the best wired, wireless and fiber testers in the world (Fluke Network Testers).
According for all above AB Tech Company where watchful to be apart from other distrusted marks in networks field.