4x2x24# FTP CAT 5E LSOH Grey, 500m Reel

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Brand: HCS
Price : 15200
Product part number : H5E-00412-DP
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4x2x24# FTP CAT 5E LSOH Grey, 500m Reel
HCS DataLink 100e cable series consists of 100 Ohm impedance, 4-pair and 8-pair F/UTP cables for horizontal installations in local area networks (LANs). All cables fully conform to and provide a substantial margin above all Category 5e requirements of TIA/EIA-568-B.2 and IEC 61156-5.

Basic Conductor : Solid, 24AWG, 0.5 mm, bare annealed copper


1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet

100BASE-T "Fast Ethernet"




10BASE-T Ethernet

1BASE-5 Starlan

Qualifications and Approvals 

HCS DataLink 100e Cables are tested and verified for full compliance with the following standards:

  • Category 5e according to ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B.2
  • Category 5e according to IEC 61156-5 (for ISO/IEC-11801 2nd Edition).
  • 100 MHz according to  CENELEC EN 50288-2
  • Category 5 according to ICEA S-90-661-1997


Physical and Mechanical Properties

4 color-coded, unshielded twisted pairs cabled together, overall taped-wrapped with a polyester tape and an aluminum foil
and overall jacketed.Siamese (Figure-8) cables are made of two identical 4-pair cables connected in a zip-cord formation,
one cable identified with a longitudinal rib.

Basic Conductor : Solid, 24AWG, 0.5 mm, bare annealed copper
Insulation : Polyolefin
Number of insulated conductors : 8, twisted in 4 pairs. (8 pairs in FIG-8 cables)
Color Code of Pairs : Blue x White/Blue, Orange x White/Orange, Green x White/Green, Brown x White/Brown.         
Overall Tape Wrap : Plastic  tape, providing 100% coverage.
Drain wire 24 AWG solid tin-coated copper conductor laid in close contact under the shield.
Overall shield Laminated aluminum foil (foil face in) providing 100% coverage.
Outer Jacket : LS0H Halogen free flame retardant or PVC compound.
Standard Jacket Color : Light Gray RAL 7035. Other colors available upon request.
Standard Surface Marking  : Includes HCS P/N, cable description, Meter mark and Batch Number.
Pulling force: 50 N/mm2 max.
Short Term Bend Radius : 8xOD mm
Long Term Bend Radius: 4xOD mm
Storage Temperature : -20 to +80C
Temperature operating range -20 to +60C
Installation temperature range: 0 to +50C
Flame Test  : IEC 60332-1
Halogen content in LS0H cables